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Way In Building & Civil Construction

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From installation to repairs, PNG’s Electricians can install single one way systems with a call button to full multiple audio/video systems for commercial & industrial premises. Door Entry Systems are available with key fob / keycard entry options the systems we install are, trusted by our customers time and time again.

<h3 class=”TextHeader”>Mag Locks</h3>

Mag Locks / Magnetic Keeps ideally installed into schools and nursery’s, keeping children safe and visitors out, PNG Electrical have installed various Mag Lock systems throughout Schools &amp; Day Centers in Great Yarmouth &amp; Norwich.

<h3 class=”TextHeader”>Barrier / Gate Systems</h3>

Providing a high level of security to premises &amp; car park areas with either intercom or key fob enabled.

<h3 class=”TextHeader”>Disabled access</h3>

Providing access to buildings for all users is not only good for business but is also required by law. PNG Electrical can provide door entry systems with a lowered disabled opening pad as well as emergency pull cords to disabled toilets.